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Gruppe Erw nachdenken

Adults can get a speech impairment caused by a disease. Most of the time this happens by damages of the brain or of the nerves, e.g. generated by a stroke or chronically illnesses like the Parkinson´s disease. In many cases an impaired ability to swallow occures simultaneously.

Another reason for speech impairments are stresses of the voice that happen often if a person has got a profession that includes a lot of talking. In such cases, the voice sounds hoarse, is less reliable or the person is even not able to talk any more at all.

Stutter occurs in 1% of the adult population. A serious impairment in communications behavior can appear due to Stutter.

Besides these areas, there are several more that indicate a speech therapy. The following adult domains are treated by us:

  • Partly or complete loss of the speech (aphasia)
  • Neurological caused impairments in pronunciation (dysarthria, verbal apraxia)
  • Impaired ability to swallow (dysphagia)
  • Facial paralysis (facioplegia)
  • Dysphonia
  • Stutter
  • Battarism
  • Speech impairments due to a disability
  • Speech impairments due to autism

Usually the therapies take place at our office but in some cases it is also possible to offer house calls. 

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